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Trucking up and down the road shouldn't be a grind. Everybody has their own way of making every day as much fun, and as interesting, as it can be; here's mine:


A short list, in no particular order, of the things that make my days on the road a little bit more enjoyable. I never leave home without them!

Technology can be a truly wonderful thing. Between my iPod, iPhone and Laptop I carry more media, entertaining and otherwise, than could be stuffed into any two rooms of my house. All this stuff just makes life on the road a more enjoyable thing.


Something of which you may not be aware is the incredible array of free audiobooks available through various outlets. The huge majority of these audiobooks are older and hundreds, maybe thousands, are classics. Most free audiobooks are recorded by volunteers and navigating the websites can be a bit daunting but, not to worry, several options, in the form of smartphone and tablet apps, are widely available. On the free audiobooks page I highlight several.

I enjoy listening to the free audiobooks, I've heard classics as well as outstanding, lesser known, books. Still, there are plenty of times I'm in the mood to hear a newly published book. In those cases I turn to one of the following sources: Barnes & Noble Audiobooks, Audible.com, iTunes Audiobook Downloads or Audiobooks.com

One of the reasons I enjoy listening to audiobooks while I drive is the opportunity to expand my scope of knowledge while traveling throughout North America. Whether it be a classic book offered through one of the free audiobook apps or a current bestseller offered through one of the paid audiobook services I've glimpsed and gained the insight and perspective of hundreds of brilliant authors. Because I've been grateful for and often found the recommendations of others invaluable when selecting audiobooks, I've included a page of my own audiobook recommendations.


While traveling to and fro I was rarely found without a good book. I like to read and, after stopping for the day, I'd tote my book into the restaurant, to read while eating dinner, and then I'd usually read for awhile before bed. Printed books aren't terribly inconvenient and, at least at home, I believe I prefer the printed to the digitized page. Still, for traveling, it's not hard to understand the popularity of eBooks.

Comparable to the availability of free audiobooks you'll find an even greater abundance of free eBooks. As a matter of fact, Michael S. Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, the primary source for free eBooks, is considered, by many, to have invented the eBook in 1971.

Anything else you'd like to see?

For quite some time I've essentially ignored this website. Recently, though, I was inspired to become, once again, relevant. A lot of work goes into building a website, more than I anticipated when I began work on the original site, so I hope it provides relevant and worthwhile content and, if there's anything you'd like to see included, please don't hesitate to ask!