In so many ways, listening to audiobooks can enhance the life of the average over-the-road driver. The goal of theCyberTruckStop is to highlight the many and varied ways and reasons drivers can and should listen to as many audiobooks, podcasts and other forms of spoken word entertainment as possible. First up:

Free Audiobooks

We'll add to this page as new developmemts occur. Right now we highlight several Apps offering access to free audiobooks. The highlihted apps are certainly not your only choice but we've used these with good results. Check it out!

7 Reasons to "Read" Audiobooks

Audiobooks have been a part of my life for years and on this page I try to highlight just a few good reasons that you might consider making them a part of your life, as well. One of the most fascinating of the 7 Reasons to "Read Audiobooks" is reason number six: Keeping Your Brain Young. As it happens, when we listen to a story or play we create mental pictures to accompany the spoken word. Doing so excercises portions of the brain that don't get worked when we watch TV, listen to music, news or talk radio.

Audiobook Reviews

It's likely there are tens of thousands of audiobooks from which to choose. The goal of our Audiobook Reviews is to highlight obscure, older, or little known works that, at least we believe, are worth your consideration. Alternatively, we intend to include a few works we found to be lacking in one way or another.

Mobile University

Years ago, a motivational speaker by the name of Zig Ziglar coined the term "Automobile University" referring to the potential use of time spent behind the wheel of a car when commuting on busy highways. He felt that time could be utilized listening to cassette tapes furthering an individual's education. When I heard that message a light went off in my head. I'd been listening to audiobooks for years but I'd never equated my listening habits to education. More specifically, my truck was a Mobile University. Here we hightlight methods by which you can further your own education and make use of the time spent behind the wheel to become a more enlightened individual!

Audiobook Narrators

There are some folks I really enjoy listening to as they read. Then again, there are others I simply suffer through. Some of those I really enjoy are disliked by others and some I don't enjoy so much are hailed as "The Greatest of All Time". Taste is very subjective. Some narrators, however, have been chosen by the author or publisher to narrate an entire series of books. I've found, in general, even when I might not start out liking a particular narrator, if I enjoy the book series I eventually warm to the narrator, as well. Anyway, here's a few Audiobook Narrators for your consideration.


Just above here I spend a whole lot of time extolling the virtues of audiobooks. Here, I'm going to spend a little time attempting to convince you of the benefits and sheer entertainment value of books you read yourself. There are two primary times in a trucker's day that particularly lend themselves to reading: 1) Time spent eating in a restaurant and 2) time spent relaxing in the bunk before bed. Of course, there are other times, as well: waiting to load or unload, waiting for your next dispatch, etc. Could an audiobook be substituted? Sure, but reading is a great way to pass the time and, while your reading to yourself, if your mind wanders off, you won't miss anything.

Free eBooks

Just as there are multitudes of Free Audiobooks available online so are there multitudes of Free eBooks. On this page we focus on the many sources of Free eBooks whether that be through apps or various websites.

eBook Readers

While it's entirely possible to read an eBook on your phone, I've found the experience to be somewhat less than pleasant. I much prefer a dedicated eBook reader or, at least, a tablet. On this page we discuss and point you in the direction of various eBook Readers.

The eBook Advantage

While there are, most certainly, many reasons to continue reading traditionally published books it's equally true that there exist many eBook Advantages. On this page we explore some of those advantages as well as highlight a few ways to best utilize eBooks in a mobile environment.


Digital Music

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Music Subscriptions

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Satellite Radio

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