Okay, I run as a part-time business, not a full-time enterprise, but I can appreciate the fact that some folks will want to contact me; for whatever reason. Here, on this page, you find a couple ways to do so:


I used to have a whole bunch of email addresses linked to and, mostly, I received a whole bunch of spam. Not, of course, the tasty lunch meat made by the good folks in Austin, MN but, rather, the irritating advertisements for goods and services that I neither want nor need. So, because of that, I've done away with all those addresses and, to further limit the chances that this new address will become a spam magnet, I'm going to spell it all out. If you can make the following email address work it means you're not a robot so I'd love to hear from you; no matter what you've got to say: admin at thecybertruckstop dot com

Snail Mail

I have no need of Anthrax and all weird-looking mail will be discarded but, if you want, you can send me birthday, Christmas, Easter, or anniversary cards filled with money. You already know the dates for Christmas and Easter, as for my birthday and anniversary dates; just guess, I'll feel like it's my birthday or anniversary when I get that money filled card. Here's the address:
P. O. Box 232724
Anchorage, AK