Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

My name is E. Phil Haley and for almost 40 years I've been in and around trucking. I've been a driver, a dispatcher, a safety manager, an operations manager and a sales manager. I was, quite possibly, the worst sales manager in the history of trucking but I've been relatively successful at the rest of it. In 1991, after becoming tired of working in a trucking company office, worrying about a whole bunch of trucks and drivers, I decided to move to Alaska and get back to doing what I do and like best: driving a truck. (Worrying about only one driver and one truck; me and mine.)

After getting to Alaska I decided to give local trucking a try so I went to work for a paving company hauling dirt and asphalt with an end-dump and pup. Eventually, I began operating equipment and driving occasionally. It all paid pretty well and I was home every night. Besides that, paving can't happen in the snow so I only worked for about 6 months out of the year. All well and good, for a few years, but, after awhile, I decided I'd like to go over-the-road trucking during the winter and, since most of my family lives in the Pacific Northwest, I went to work for Leavitt's Freight Service in Springfield, Oregon during the winter months.

Since 1979 I've, technically, only worked for four over-the-road trucking companies, so I'm no trucking company expert, but Leavitt's has consistently impressed me with their dedication to both drivers and customers. On top of that, they specialize in hauling utility poles that often exceed 100' in length. Hauling over-dimensional freight is kind of different and challenging; so I kept coming back.

Unloading ninety-five foot long utility poles in Ogeden, UT

In 2005 I decided I'd cease the annual southern migration. I'd been approached by Wylie Publishing and offered an opportunity to write a "...For Dummies" book. I jumped at the chance to sit in my nice warm office and do that to which I have always aspired: write. The following couple winters I worked for local drayage companies until I found the winter job I currently hold as a CDL Driving Instructor. I fully intend, after retiring from paving, to continue teaching full time. Of all the jobs I've had it seems teaching has been the most enjoyable.

Several years ago I became interested in web sites; more specifically, I became interested in web site design. I was fascinated by the idea of building a web site and serving it up to the world. Of course, I had absolutely no idea how to do any of that but did I let that stop me? Heck no. I decided to learn by doing. (Believe it or not; that's the way I learned to drive a truck, too. Schools? Schools? I don't need no stinking schools. Oh...wait...I guess I really do; don't I?) The web site's been an enjoyable hobby and I've learned a whole bunch of things I'd never have known had I not jumped in with both feet.

Who's that dashing dude in the 15 car?