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Trucking up and down the road shouldn't be a grind. Everybody has their own way of making long days behind the wheel as much fun, and as interesting, as it can be; here's mine:

New Drivers

Today's market demands new drivers and we'll all be better off if those new to the world of over-the-road trucking are well trained, well informed and well equipped. There are several features and articles designed to accomplish those goals. Are you still in the midst of choosing a school? Or, maybe, you're headed that way and you'd like a head start with the CDL Pretrip Inspection. How about some tips to help you succeed at Truck Driving School.

Can't Do Without It?

Then it's a Basic Essential!! Of course, we sometimes may not KNOW what it is that we can't do without. Whether it's great Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos, News, Information and Tips, or useful Apps and Resources you can find it here at

Travels, Travails and Wandering Trails

Everybody's got a Blog these days and we're no different. Here you'll find news regarding issues important to Truckers, stories about interesting sights you might run across in your travels, book, audiobook and other entertainment ideas, and even more.

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Well, no, we're not going to go back quite that far and, besides, I never had an Audi (Auto Union) Type C Pedal Car like the one pictured above. Anyway, if you want to find out more about who we are you should definitely check out the About page!

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